Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Cutting Table!

Hello! I spent most of yesterday cleaning out my sewing room. It had basically become a dumping ground for anything and everything. I ended up with a box full of recycling and a full shredder bag! My husband and son went to my in-laws today so I went to Lowe's and bought 4 9-cube ClosetMaid organizers. I put them all together in a little over and hour and arranged them in the middle of my sewing room. I had been using a 6-ft table as my cutting table but it was too short and my back was not happy with me if I had to cut more than a couple things.

So I finally decided to do something about that. Now I have a nice, tall surface for my cutting mat. I'm debating whether I should get a piece of MDF to put on top of the cubes. I have 2 24x36 cutting mats and if I put a topper on these cubes I could put the mats side-by-side. But I don't do that often so I'm just going to live with it this way for now and see how it goes.

I decided to leave the cardboard backs off the cubes because I'm not going to use baskets. And this way, the 2 in the middle have extra long compartments which works out perfectly for me! As you can see, I have a very modest fabric stash. But that's okay. I have what I need for what I'm currently working on and I guess that's the important thing.

Oh, and that big open space on the wall now? That's the future home of my design wall. I'm really excited about that!

I hope you all have a sew crafty Memorial Day weekend!



  1. A new table and lots of great storage! WINNING! :)

    1. I know! Lots of room for more fabric! ;)

    2. What Diana said!! That is awesome. . . contemplating a trip to Lowes :)

    3. It was totally worth it! I decided today that I do want a topper for it so now I need to figure out the best option.

  2. Wonderful set up and great use of your space with room to access the table from all sides. I've got storage figured out for the fabric (for the most part) but not all the other stuff.


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