Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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Hello! Have I got a busy WIP Wednesday for you! I'm going to start with what I'm most excited about. I have been commissioned to make a twin-size quilt for a friend's 11-yr-old daughter. They are decorating her room in their new house and she has chosen a theme and color scheme that I think is both modern and timeless. She loves chevron, gray and what I call Tiffany blue. The fabrics she chose are ones that she loves now and will love even 10 years from now. I'm so excited to get started on this quilt!
A couple weeks ago I did my x and + cross stitch block for LMS Quilty Stitches. However, I realized after I finished it, that I did it wrong. :( So I ripped it out yesterday and redid it. Boy was that a challenge! It is not easy to rip out cross stitches. The picture on top is the old version. The one on the bottom is the new, "correct" version. I like it so much better and am glad I started over.

I have my fabric cut for my Nested Churn Dash and I'm excited to get going on the construction. I think it will go together pretty quickly.
It's not even the end of June and I already have my $5 quilt June blocks done! They're not "due" until mid-July. :)
I also got the preview block done for my month as Queen in my Threadbias hive. Since my month is July and I have no Christmas quilts, I am going with a Christmas in July theme! I decided on an x and + block and used some scraps of Christmas fabric. I will be posting a tutorial on this later in the week for my hive mates and I can't wait to see their versions!
Goodness, that's a lot! :)

Have a sew crafty day!



  1. Love your projects busy! Love your Christmas block!

  2. Wow so many things! I love the fabric choices that the 11 year old chose for her quilt - they look like ones I'd choose myself :)

  3. What is a 5$ quilt? I love that gold block!

    1. Thanks! One of my LQS does a block of the month each year. In January, you pay $5, sit through a meeting about what's new with the shop, then get your fabric for the first block. As long as you attend each monthly meeting and show your finished block from the previous month, you don't pay any more money. They also have an intermediate version (the red block) that is $3/month. They will have finishing kits available to purchase if I chose to finish it their way. So I'm getting 24 11.5" quilt blocks for $41!

  4. Love all those projects! That young girl has fabulous taste in fabric and your Christmas in July quilt will be so fun. I don't have any big Christmas quilts either. That block is a great choice.

  5. Goodness that IS a LOT!!! Well done. Your redo of the cross stitching was well worth it. It looked nice as it was, but you will be so much happier with it done as intended. I am drooling over that fabric pull for the commission quilt. Looking forward to seeing your progress shots on this one!

  6. Those fabrics (for the 11 year old) are lovely! It will be a really fun project to work on. (And I think I just bought some of those bins you have your Nested Churn Dash project in!)


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