Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

Plum and June
Hello! I hope you are enjoying the New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop so far. There are so many talented people in this group and I am honored to be included!

I am a wife to my wonderful husband of almost 8 years and a stay-at-home-mom to a cute, not so little guy who will be 5 in less than a month! Where has the time gone? I began sewing about 10 years ago and became interested in quilting in late 2011. I took a beginning quilt class at a local quilt shop but didn't make my first quilt until April 2013. It was a huge, king-sized bedspread for my aunt. I was able to finish the entire top in 5 days, thanks to my husband and son going to my in-laws for a long, 3-day weekend! I loved making that quilt so much that I haven't stopped. Since then I have made 9 other quilts as well as some table toppers and placemats. I always have several projects, in various stages, going at the same time. And while quilting is my primary love now, I still enjoy doing small sewing projects.

Here are a few of my favorite quilts.
This is my first quilt - the one that took me 5 days to complete the top! It measures about 102x114.

I made this Sudoku quilt for my grandpa for Christmas 2013. It's a small lap quilt that measures about 48x48. I really love how this one turned out.

Touchdown baby quilt for my friend who had her baby on 4/1/14 and I'm not foolin'! ;) They are big Ohio State fans. This pattern is a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern that I fell in love with. It measures about 46x60.

The back of the Touchdown quilt. These letters are paper pieced and some of the pieces are tiny! The letters were created by Diane Bohn and her pattern is available in her Craftsy shop. I'm really proud of how it turned out and I love how personal it makes the quilt.

Now for some tips! A couple things I have noticed while reading other blogs is that the bigger the pictures and the cleaner the design, the more likely I am to spend more time reading that particular blog. So,
  1. Make your pictures as big as possible and add something to make them stand out, if possible. I use Ribbet to add my "watermark" and a frame around my pictures after I've published them to my blog.
  2. Make sure the blog buttons you add aren't too big and extend into your post area. If necessary, adjust your column widths to make sure everything is visually pleasing.
  3. Quilting tip: Have fun and don't stress! Make what you want and enjoy the process. There are so many great tutorials and wonderful opportunities to learn new skills so take advantage of all that you can. I have learned the majority of what I know about quilting by getting involved online and taking courses through Craftsy. Check out my Craftsy button at the top of my blog. If you click on it and make a purchase, I earn a commission and you get access to amazing resources!
 So now I have a few questions for you that I'd love for you to answer in the comments.
  1. What do you look for in a quilting blog?
  2. What makes you decide to become a follower of a particular blog? Or not to become a follower?
  3. If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? I would go to Italy, Ireland or Australia. Or all three! ;)
Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you have enjoyed it and will come back often. Now go check out my fellow new quilt bloggers and have a sew crafty day!


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  1. Wow, I can't believe your first quilt was a huge one; and the top was done within days!! I just made a little pipsy baby quilt for my first quilt lol!

    1. Inspiring projects -- if I like the quilts you've already made then I'll want to stay to see more!
    2. When i come across a new blog I'll usually check out past posts and if I'm interested in most of the posts within the first couple of pages I'll follow. I'll look at projects and what's written in the posts. I like details and feeling like the blogger is chatting to me (if I just wanted to look at a quilt picture I'll buy a magazine or book).
    3. Disneyland and/or World!!

  2. Go BUCKS! lol I'm from Ohio and that football quilt is awesome.

  3. Wow, Jenn, what an amazing first quilt! I am still intimidated to try a King sized quilt! Eek! I am trying to follow along to all of the blog hoppers and learning what I like as I am doing so (I just started following you on Bloglovin'!) In general, I get really excited by bloggers who mostly quilt quilts, if that makes sense. I also like a clean layout and easy to read font.

  4. Wow! Your first quilt is huge! It looks great on the bed. What I look for most when following a blog is a connection to the quilter and then the content. I also love simply designed blogs.

  5. My first quilt was a charm pack - it was small! Haven't made it past a single bed quilt yet. I hanf around if i like the projects and am inspired by what poeple are making. I like in process photos and descriptions of what you liked in the project and what you didn't like!

  6. I am looking for inspiration more than anything, so I love big pictures, but what makes me follow a blog is how the post is written. Do you tell me the name of the pattern and where to get it? Do you tell me the line of fabric you used if possible? And lastly is there some humor in the post? I like hearing about your life as well.

    And if I could go anywhere it would be Australia.

    1. Nice to meet you Jenn, your first quilt is amazing!
      For me, I usually choose to follow a blog if I like the bloggers work, simple as that. I can usually pick pretty quick if we share an aesthetic.

  7. Love the touchdown baby quilt - very cool :) I agree with you in regards to the pics - the bigger the better :)

  8. I have a newly 5 year old, Jenn, and I think the same thing - seems like forever and yesterday all at the same time : ) I think if I could go anywhere, probably a trip across Europe would be first on my list - your choices all would be great, too!

  9. My first quilt was a king. . . sometimes being naive is a good thing :D I did not however finish mine in 5 days - that is amazing! And it is beautiful :)

    I agree with Janet, I chose to follow blogs based on their work and I also always look to see if the person has a tutorial page (I am so bad, I don't have one on my blog!) and even if I might not be inspired by fabric selection, if the person has good tutorials I'll follow. I am totally self taught through the internet so I rely heavily on what I can glean from other people's experiences.

  10. I think your touchdown quilt was a touchdown! (I am not a sports fan, so correct me if I got the meaning all wrong. I think it is great - front and back!)
    You didn't start with half-measures, did you? That first quilt is huge!
    In answer to your questions:
    1 Projects that inspire me.
    2 See 1!
    3 India. I haven't been, I have many Indian-born friends and it seems fascinating because of its food, culture and history. Mum and I are playing with the idea as I know I will not be able to convince my husband.

  11. Nice to meet you Jenn. I'm looking for inspiration, eye candy and fun. If I spot similar sense of humour and projects I fancy, I'm more likely to become a follower.

  12. That touchdown quilt is beautiful. What a nice gift! I love writing names on the back of quilts too!

  13. Hello, nice to meet you! I can't believe that was your first quilt, it's huge!
    In a quilting blog I look for good pictures, a modern quilting style, progress pictures and not just finished quilt after finished quilt, and a witty writing style.
    All the above make me become a follower. Things that put me off are Word Verification, bloggers who never reply to my comments by email (not every comment, I mean if I leave 10 comments and they don't reply to a single one), text speak (especially LOL) and loads of posts about family and holidays. I know it's up to the blogger what they wrrite about, but it's also up to me what I read!
    If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? I've taken the trip I dreamed of - a trip on the Trans-Siberian through Eastern Europe, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and China. I'd like to go to Japan

  14. Nice getting to know more about you. I'm a bit behind on catching everyone on the hop, but better late than never! Okay, I'm so impressed by your first quilt. You don't even want to see mine, that's for sure!

  15. Wow - that is indeed the perfect quilt for the Ohio State fan. I love it! Those tiny letters look so professional. I look for big, clear photos, a sense of humor and people who 'keep it real'. The best blogs in my opinion show successes but also bumps along the way. Japan is amazing - I've traveled all over. If I could go anywhere... hm.. Galapagos?


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