Friday, July 25, 2014


Hello! If any of you have preschool/kindergarden age children, you're probably familiar with Chuggington, the animated train show about 3 trainees (Wilson, Koko and Brewster) who are learning to provide various train services around the town of Chuggington. It's pretty cute and is one of my son's favorite shows. So when he saw that I had Chuggington fabric, he asked me to make a quilt for Huggy, his blanket monkey. I've had the top made for a couple months and I finally got it quilted with railroad tracks in a multi-colored variegated thread. This is the first quilt that I have free motion quilted! It's certainly not perfect but you can't even really tell because the thread blends so well. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I machine bound it with the same thread using a zigzag stitch. Both my son and Huggy love it! I named it Traintastic! because that's what the trainees say when they're excited about something. :)

Yes, Huggy is wrapped up in a bread pan! We made zucchini bread yesterday and had one unused pan which was the perfect size for a bed for Huggy. He takes naps in all sorts of places, including the refrigerator! Apparently he likes to be cold. Oh, the mind of an almost 5-yr-old (10 days)! ;)

I'm also linking up today over at Crazy Mom Quilts for finish it up Friday.

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I leave you now with a couple questions. Will you be doing a handmade Christmas this year? If so, what are you planning on making? I did some handmade gifts last year and plan to do more this year and need ideas! Leave me your best handmade Christmas gift idea in the comments, please. Thanks!

Have a sew crafty weekend!



  1. What a lovely quilt for Huggy. The smiles on your son's face really says it all. I love that Huggy is such a good napper, and hopefully the quilt will help keep him cozy in the refrigerator! :)

  2. My son would have loved that quilt when he was little. Of course way back then it was Thomas the Tank engine that was the animated train of the moment. I'm sure that Huggy and your son will be using that little quilt a lot!

    And yes, we'll be having a handmade Christmas again this year. i have a series on my blog called Christmas on a Budget if you wanted to check it out, I have several ideas for handmade gifts on that.

  3. This is one cute post!! Love that Huggy sleeps where ever he wants - good sleeper do that!! And now, with the quilt, he will sleep even better. Like this quilt and have never watched this show, but like the sound of it. And might have to find that fabric, it is cute for the future quilts I will have to make. Thanks for the story and showing me your project!

  4. Little kids have the best imagination - they are so creative in almost every second of their early little lives! How fun to be able to say - Yes I can make you that! I know my daughter always loves when she "puts in a request" and I actually can do it - because as any mother knows, Mom's can't really swim with sharks, or fly like planes or shrink to the size of a little dandelion - but we can make stuff! Lovely finish!

  5. Your little guy is too darn adorable! I am still chuckling over huggy in his bread pan bed. He clearly loves his quilt!


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