Friday, September 19, 2014

More Craft Fair Prep

Hello! I have a pretty quick post today and then it's back to sewing. I've been a cutting fool lately, cutting lots of fabric for my 12" microwave bowl cozies and key fobs. I'm setting the key fob fabric aside right now because those are super quick to make, and focusing on the more time consuming products. I have all 21 of my 9" bowl cozies done and I just finished the first 12" cozy. It is a perfect fit for bowls 8-10" in diameter. The bowl I have is about 9 3/8".

I've got 20 more cozies pinned and ready to go so I better get to work! I plan to also work some more on my secret quilt project this weekend. Here's one more sneak peak but that's all you get until this is in the hands of the recipient! ;)

I'm linking up today to Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Have a sew crafty weekend!


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  1. I need one of those. I tend to bounce my dish all the way to the counter to save my hands. It's a disaster waiting to happen!


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