Friday, October 10, 2014

Quilting, Quilting and more Quilting!

Hello everyone! Well, I finished the spiral quilting on Technicolor Dreams. I did run into a snag, though. I made my half-square triangles with charm squares (5"). Originally I planned to cut them down to 4" so they'd be 3.5" finished. I ordered backing fabric according to those measurements. However, when I actually made the triangles, I decided to cut them down to 4.5" because I could and to not waste fabric. But I didn't consider the fact that the finished quilt would then be 7" wider and 7.5" longer. The length was not a problem but the width was. I ended up only having about 1.5" inches of extra backing on either side. I figured I could make it work and it's okay, for the most part, on one side. But it did shift quite a bit diagonally so on the other side, one end of the top extends almost 1" over the backing. :( So my plan is to cut off one column on either side and one row from the top and bottom. My plan to not waste fabric backfired! But the quilt will still end up being about the size I originally planned and the spiral will still be centered. So all is well and lesson learned!

I am now working on quilting my mug rugs. After that time-consuming spiral quilting, I need something quick and these definitely fit the bill. I've decided to quilt them without the backing because I don't want to bind them. So I will add the backing last. I've gotten several done so far with zig-zag echo quilting and cross-hatch quilting. They're turning out quite nice!

I'm linking up today with Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts' finish it up Friday.

Have a sew crafty weekend!



  1. WOW after all that spiral quilting (I checked out your previous post) it's no wonder you need something that is quick and relaxing to do.

  2. These look like just the perfect quick project to work on after the spiral!

  3. That is a lot of quilting. Could you just hide the missing part with a label instead?


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