Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First projects of 2015!

Hello! Today is our 2nd snow day of this school year so I don't think I'll be getting much done but I have started my first projects of the new year this week. The first is a quilt using Amy Smart's pattern Double Crossed. I have my FQs pressed and 8 of them cut. 22 more to go!

The second will be an apron that my aunt's coworker asked me to make for her granddaughter, I believe. She purchased the pattern and the fabric and I received it last night. It will be the apron on the right with an extra pocket. I don't usually work with paper patterns like this so I will be learning some new skills with this project!

I am the queen of one of my hives this month and I have chosen to use the paper piecing template for the Twisted Star from the book Vintage Quilt Revival by Katie Blakesley, Lee Heinrich and Faith Jones. The authors gave me permission to email the template only to my hive mates if they did not have the book. I will be making the Cosmos Baby Quilt in shades of gray for the background and girlie colors for the star points. I don't have any blocks made myself yet but my goal is to have the quilt done by the end of April.

The queen of my other bee has requested an adorable block that she created herself and I'm so excited to work on this for her. She's calling it a Chinese Butterfly.

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Have a sew crafty day!



  1. It sounds like you are making the best of the snow day that you can. I hope that cutting for Double Crossed finishes up smoothly. Prepping the fabric is my least favorite part of the process, so I am always excited when that is done! The butterfly block looks great, what a wonderful design!

  2. I like the double crossed! Looks like my kind of quilt. I have a list of things I want to start, but my list of unfinished projects is huge too.

  3. We have the same weather situation over here, Jenn. It's always a good day to be sewing - when it's snowing! Lovely projects you have lined up here. Sewing the apron sounds like a fun adventure! Good for you trying something new!

  4. Super cold here in Iowa, too. Brrrr...

    I am pattern reading challenged. I tell people I can make flat things, not shaped, like clothing and aprons. Although I can make bags, so I sort of lie. ;-)

    Have fun being the Queen Bee! I am the Queen Bee this month in my sewing bee. =)

  5. Yes, no school again tomorow, I'm sure, with predicted wind chills. This is a pretty quilt, and should sew up quickly, when you get to it!

  6. What a great quilt pattern! That looks like a lot of fun! That apron would scare the bejeezus out of me. I have tried to make paper patterns but my cat and dog walk and lay all over them and make it impossible to do them. I tried to make a shirt that said "Easy" once. The entire project ended up in the trash after a few choice French words.

  7. Looks like you have your plate filled! And pregnant too! The monkey suit is adorable. Did your son enjoy the costume you made him?


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