Wednesday, September 2, 2015

So much to blog about, so little time!

Whew! I never thought having a second child would cut into my blog time so much but it sure does! I tried twice last week to get a post up but it just didn't work out. Oh well. Family comes first!

I got my freezer meals done last week which meant I didn't get much sewing done. But I made up for it this weekend and so far this week. I got all of my Double Crossed blocks trimmed and have the first 2 rows sewn together. And my points look pretty darn good, especially from afar! ;)

I also sewed the center of my $5 quilt so I just have 2 borders to do and that top is done! I need to have both of these done and the backings ready to take to my long-armer on 9/19.

One thing I did get done last week was an insulated lunch bag (or is it a hat? ;)) for Max for school. I bought him one last year but it's not machine washable and after a year of use, it's not looking very good. So I decided to make one out of PUL (water-proof knit) and Insul Bright. He loves it! :)

Max has been expressing an interest in learning how to sew, so he and I spent some time this weekend playing around. He had so much fun!

I'm linking up today to WIP Wednesday and Let's Bee Social.
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Have a sew crafty week!



  1. I love how your 5$ quilt came out! The limited color palette really ties all the blocks together.

  2. Family definitely comes first. Your progress on the Double Crossed quilt looks great, and how awesome that you and Max had some sewing fun together!

  3. Jenn that is just the best that you and Max got to spend some quality time sewing together! He looks so cute and proud!
    Your double crossed blocks like amazing - love the way the colors and the blocks interact!
    And the sampler quilt is simply beautiful! ($5! - wow!)


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