Friday, January 22, 2016

Midnight Mystery Top Finished!

Hello. I am excited to show you my finished Midnight Mystery quilt top! Thank you, Cheryl, for creating this beautiful quilt pattern. It has been so cool to see all the variations that have come from it. Cheryl gave us the option to peek at the final pattern before we started to help us decide if we wanted to participate and what fabrics to use. This was my first mystery quilt so I wanted it to be a true mystery and I'm glad I didn't peek!

I chose to use a palette of Patriotic fabrics for my quilt and it worked out perfectly. I don't think I could have planned it better had I peeked! Cheryl told us in the beginning that there would be 4 fabrics - A,B,C and D. A would touch B, B would touch C and C would touch D. But D would not touch A. So with that information, I arranged my fabrics in a way that appealed to me. And it worked out that my navy ended up as the background. I have wanted to use navy as a background for quite some time. Actually since I saw Cheryl use it in her Irish Chain Quilt-a-long quilt! :)

Once I get this quilted and finished, I'll take some outdoor pictures so you can see the colors better. The white is really a silvery gray with small white stars. But until then, here is "Star Spangled."

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  1. It did turn out perfectly, Jenn! I am loving the navy as the background, and I am excited to start seeing all these tops turn into finished quilts. :)

  2. Your fabrics did work out perfectly. Beautifully done!

  3. Very Pretty. Visiting from Sarah's site. Whoop Whoop for you! I love red white and blue. Janita

  4. Oh Jenn! This is gorgeous! I think I remember liking your color choices when you started this. Bravo!


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